Vibration Analysis of the Sandwich Beam with Electro-Rheological Fluid Core Embedded Within Two FG Nanocomposite Faces Resting on Pasternak Foundation

صفحه 729-743
A.H Ghorbanpour-Arani؛ A Rastgoo


Determination of Interaction Force Between Single Core Cable Elements under Deformation

صفحه 744-751
G.M Ismailov؛ A.E Tyurin؛ M.S Pavlov؛ D.V Belyaev


Refined Zigzag Theory for Nonlinear Dynamic Response of an Axially Moving Sandwich Nanobeam Embedded on Visco-Pasternak Medium Using MCST

صفحه 752-773
A Ghorbanpour Arani؛ M Abdollahian


ANSYS Modeling for Bone Reconstruction by Using Hybrid Nano Bio Composite

صفحه 774-790
J Sattar Kashan؛ S Mahmood Ali


Effect of Vertex Angle on Elastic-Plastic Stability of a Steel Open Conical Shell

صفحه 791-803
H Shokrollahi


Fitness for Service Approach (FFS) in Fatigue Life Prediction for a Spherical Pressure Vessel Containing Cracks

صفحه 804-813
J Jamali؛ E Mohamadi؛ T Naraghi


Vibration Analysis of Vessels Conveying Blood Flow Embedded in Viscous Fluid

صفحه 814-828
R Bahaadini؛ M Hosseini؛ M. A Paparisabet


Tangential Displacement and Shear Stress Distribution in Non-Uniform Rotating Disk under Angular Acceleration by Semi-Exact Methods

صفحه 829-846
S Jafari


Free Vibration Analysis of Multi-Layer Rectangular Plate with Two Magneto-Rheological Fluid Layers and a Flexible Core

صفحه 847-861
M Shekarzadeh؛ M.M Najafizadeh؛ P Yousefi؛ A. R Nezamabadi؛ K Khorshidi


Analysis of Coupled Nonlinear Radial-Axial Vibration of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes Using Numerical Methods

صفحه 862-882
A Fatahi-Vajari؛ Z Azimzadeh


Thermoelastic Behaviour in a Multilayer Composite Hollow Sphere with Heat Source

صفحه 883-901
S.P Pawar؛ J.J Bikram؛ G.D Kedar


Fatigue Crack Growth in Plastically Compressible Solids: Role of Negative Stress Ratio, Plastic Compressibility and Strain Softening

صفحه 902-911
Y Mittal؛ D Khan؛ S Pandey؛ G.Chand Gupta


Analysis of Reflection Phenomena in a Fiber Reinforced Piezo-Thermoelastic Half Space with Diffusion and Two-Temperature

صفحه 912-934
K Jain؛ S Kumar؛ S Deswal


A Plate Bending Kirchhoff Element Based on Assumed Strain Functions

صفحه 935-952
F Boussem؛ L Belounar


State Space Approach to Electro-Magneto-Thermoelasticity with Energy Dissipation

صفحه 953-968
S Biswas؛ S. M Abo-Dahab


Creep Life Assessment of a Super-Heater Tube

صفحه 969-978
J Jelwan

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