A sociological Study of Satellite Impact on Youth's Religious Identity in Tehran

صفحه 9-30
Masoud Darabi؛ Mahnaz Amirpour؛ Abolghasem Heidarabadi


Analytical Study of the Social Values and Norms of Youth in Saddi's Gulistan Based on Contemporary Sociological Theories

صفحه 31-46
Vida Saravi؛ Aref Kamarposhti


A Study of the Social Factors Influencing Faroojian People's Attitude towards Modern Media (Satellite)

صفحه 47-64
hojatollah Talebi؛ Masoud Imanian؛ Nematollah Roshani


Relation and Impact of Social capital on Organizational Commitment(Case Study: Islamic Azad University, Branch of Ayatollah Amoli)

صفحه 65-86
Ali Asghar Abbasi Asfajir؛ Mohsen Dehghan؛ Moharam Azad؛ Nima Khakpour


The Effect of Socio-economic base on Social Participation (Case of Study: The Youth in Babol City)

صفحه 87-100
Soroush Fathi؛ Jaber Mirzapouri


Role of the Globalization of Communications (Internet and Satellite) on Young Women’s Leisure Time (Case study: Young Women in Mazandaran)

صفحه 101-118
Majedeh Gholipour؛ Mohammad Sadiq Mahdavi؛ Baqer Saroukhani


The Effect of Testimony of Father on Martyrs' Children(Youth) in Dehaghan and Shahreza

صفحه 119-134
Asghar Mohammadi؛ Tayebeh Ghermezi


Effect of the Satellite Channel Programs on Value System of the Students in Islamic Azad University( Neka Branch)

صفحه 135-148
Mohammad Hajizad؛ Mona Mahdizadeh؛ Hossein Bagheri

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