Fabrication and Characterization of Porous beta-Tricalcium Phosphate Scaffold for Bone Regeneration

صفحه 1-4
M. Khodaei؛ A. Valanezhad؛ I. Watanabe


Effects of Welding Cycles on Microstructural Characteristics and Mechanical Properties of SAF 2507 Super Duplex Stainless Steel

صفحه 5-14
M. A. Beheshty؛ E. H. Dehkordi؛ K. Zarrin Naghsh؛ M. R. B. Marnany


Improvement of Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Manganese Steels by Adding Boron Alloying Element

صفحه 15-19
N. Arab


Investigating the Effect of Explosive Welding Variables on the Corrosion Behavior of Explosive Joint of Two-Layered Inconel 718-AISI H13 Hot Work Tool Steel Plates in Salty Environment

صفحه 21-27
A. Norbakhsh؛ M. R. Khanzadeh GharahShiran؛ A. Saadat؛ H. Bakhtiari


Computational Evaluation of the Impact of Friction Coefficient on Self-Expanding Stent and Peripheral Artery During Contact

صفحه 29-35
F. Nematzadeh


Improved Wear Resistance of the Fe-C-Ti Hardfacing Alloy by Nano TiCN Particles Fabricated by FCAW-N2

صفحه 37-42
M. Mohammadikhah


Evaluation of the Influence of the Nucleation Undercooling on Columnar Grain Growth During Al-Cu Alloy Directional Solidification

صفحه 43-48
F. Shadfar


Evaluating the Role of Recycling Materials in Construction Industry (Case Study: City of Tehran)

صفحه 49-58
N. Afzali؛ S. Hamzehloo

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