Investigating the Performance of Coated Carbide Insert in Hard Steel Helical Milling

صفحه 1-9
Navid Molla Ramezani؛ Behnam Davoodi؛ Mojtaba Rezaee Hajideh


Nonlinear Vibration Analysis of FG Nano-Beams in Thermal Environment and Resting on Nonlinear Foundation based on Nonlocal and Strain-Inertia Gradient Theory

صفحه 11-24
Ebrahim Mahmoudpour


Geometrical Effects of Duct on the Entropy Generation in the Laminar Forced Convection Separated Flow

صفحه 25-34
Nasrin Aminzadeh؛ Shima Sotoodehnia؛ Meysam Atashafrooz


Sensitivity Analysis for Optimal Design of Multibody Systems with Clearance Joint

صفحه 35-44
Saeed Ebrahimi؛ Esmaeil Salahshoor؛ Saeed Nouri


Evaluating the Effect of Operating Conditions on Temperature Variation Rate of Inner Walls and Inside Inflated Air of Pneumatic Tires

صفحه 45-53
Moslem Namjoo؛ Hossein Golbakhshi؛ Farhad Khoshnam؛ Ahmad Soleimani


Thermal Optimization of an Array of Needle-Shaped using Constructal Theory

صفحه 55-61
Maryam Hoseinzadeh؛ Afshin Ahmadi Nadooshan؛ Morteza Bayareh


Investigating Cooling Effect with Compound Angle on the Combustion Chamber Wall Temperature

صفحه 63-73
Mohamad Reza Nazari؛ Behrooz Shahriari؛ Farhad Sebghatollahi


Pareto Optimum Design of Heat Exchangers based on the Imperialist Competitive Algorithm: A Case Study

صفحه 75-82
Mohammadjavad Mahmoodabadi؛ Soodeh Zarnegar


Thermal-hydraulic Analysis of Helical Coil Steam Generator of The Multi-Application Small Light Water Reactor (MASLWR) Test Loop Using Drift Flux Model

صفحه 83-91
Mansour Talebi؛ Valiyolah Ghazanfari


Dynamic Modelling and Control of a Dielectric Elastomer Actuator with Two Degrees of Freedom

صفحه 93-99
Yaser Hesari؛ Shahram Etemadi Haghighi


Optimal Swing up of Double Inverted Pendulum using Indirect Method

صفحه 101-108
Maral Salehi؛ Amin Nikoobin؛ Ebrahim Shahab

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