Anatomo-Pathological Consequences of Mycotoxins Contamination in Rabbits Feed

صفحه 379-387
A. Tinelli؛ G. Passantino؛ A. Perillo؛ N. Zizzo


Effects of Alfalfa Particle Size on Ensalivation Rate, Chewing Efficiency, and Functional Specific Gravity of Particulate Matter in Hereford Steers

صفحه 389-394
A. Teimouri Yansari؛ R. Valizadeh؛ A. Naserian؛ D.A. Christensen؛ P. Yu


In situ Evaluation of Ruminal Degradability and Intestinal Digestibility of Sunflower Meal Compared to Soybean Meal

صفحه 395-400
K.V. Nedelkov


Genetic (Co)variance between Age from First to Third Calving and Milk Yield of Holstein Cows in the Tropics

صفحه 401-407
J.L. Espinoza-Villavicencio؛ A. Palacios-Espinosa؛ A. Menendez-Buxadera


In vitro Utilizable Crude Protein at the Duodenum of Dairy Cows of Various Ecotypes of Kochia scoparia Fertilized with Nitrogen

صفحه 409-418
J. Falahatizow؛ M. Danesh Mesgaran؛ A.R. Vakili؛ M. Kafi؛ M.D. Stern


Assessment of Renewable and Non Renewable Energy Use in Dairy Farms with Different Herd Sizes in Iran

صفحه 419-426
D. Zahmatkesh؛ M. Zeynali؛ H. Mirzaei-Alamouti؛ E. Mahjoubi؛ P. Seefedpari


Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) of GDF9 Gene in Bahmaei and Lak Ghashghaei Sheep Breeds and Its Association with Litter Size

صفحه 427-432
M. Muhaghegh Dolatabady؛ J. Habibizad


Effects of Organic and Inorganic Selenium Supplementation with Vitamin E during the Flushing Period on Reproductive Performance of Ghezel Ewes

صفحه 433-441
H. Daghigh Kia؛ S. Saedi؛ A. Hosseinkhani


Correlation Effects of Nano Selenium and Conjugated Linoleic Acid on the Performance, Lipid Metabolism and Immune System of Male Moghani Lambs

صفحه 443-451
S. Ghaderzadeh؛ F. Mirzaei Aghjegheshlagh؛ S. Nikbin؛ B. Navidshad


Comparison of Artificial Neural Network and Regression Models for Prediction of Body Weight in Raini Cashmere Goat

صفحه 453-461
M. Khorshidi-Jalali؛ M.R. Mohammadabadi؛ A. Esmailizadeh؛ A. Barazandeh؛ O.I. Babenko


Evaluation of Chemical Characteristics and Effects of Different Manganese Sources on Kinetics of Manganese Absorption and Performance of Broiler Chickens

صفحه 463-471
F. Khakpour Irani؛ H. Janmohammadi؛ R. Kianfar؛ M. Sahraei


Effect of Probiotic Administration Route and Dietary Nutrient Density on Growth Performance, Gut Health, and some Hematological Variables in Healthy or Eimeria Infected Broiler Chickens

صفحه 473-485
F. Khaligh؛ A. Hassanabadi؛ H. Nassiri-Moghaddam؛ A. Golian؛ G.A. Kalidari


Production of Omega-3-Enriched Meat through Feeding Broilers with Ultrasonicated Flaxseed Oil Nanoemulsions: Performance, Serum Composition, Physicochemical Properties and Oxidative Stability

صفحه 487-496
F. Abbasi؛ F. Samadi؛ S.M. Jafari؛ S. Ramezanpour؛ M. Shams Shargh


Effect of Antibiotic, Probiotic and Prebiotic in Diets Containing Barley on Performance, Digestibility, Intestinal Morphology, Blood Parameters and Immunological Response in Broilers

صفحه 497-507
M. Mehrabadi؛ R. Jamshidi


Dietary Inclusion of Thyme Essential Oil Alleviative Effects of Heat Stress on Growth Performance and Immune System of Broiler Chicks

صفحه 509-517
K. Rafat Khafar؛ A. Mojtahedin؛ N. Rastegar؛ M. Kalvani Neytali؛ A. Olfati


The Effect of in ovo Injection of Royal Jelly on the Hatchability, Quality of One Day Broiler Chickens, the Performance and some Immune Related Traits in Hatched Chickens

صفحه 519-527
M. Gohari؛ H.R. Khodaei؛ M. Toghyani


The Effects of Acidic and Alkaline Hydrolysis Process on some Physical and Chemical Properties of Broiler Chicken Feathers

صفحه 529-540
M.I. Said؛ F.N. Yuliati؛ M. Sukma


Effects of Pigments Extracted from the Marigold Flower on Egg Quality and Oxidative Stability of the Egg Yolk Lipids in Laying Hens

صفحه 541-547
M. Rezaei؛ S. Zakizadeh؛ N. Eila


Feather Pecking of Laying Hens in Different Stocking Density and Type of Cage

صفحه 549-556
S. Khumput؛ S. Muangchum؛ S. Yodprom؛ A. Panyasak؛ A. Panyasak


Scrutinizing of a Liquid Prebiotic on Growth Performance and Internal Organs of Japanese Quail

صفحه 557-563
H. Hajati؛ A. Gilani؛ S. Seifi

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