Investigating the Reason for Compressor Gearbox Gear Failure in Arfa Iron and Steel Company using Analytical and Fracture Studies

صفحه 1-13
Mahdi Ebrahimzadeh؛ Ali Galehdari


Effect of Burr Grinding on Fatigue Strength of Steel Butt-Welded Connections

صفحه 15-25
Abbas Fadaei؛ Annette Betkhoodu


Development of Thermal and Structural Deformation Model to Predict the Part Build Dimensional Error in Fused Deposition Modeling

صفحه 27-37
K. Chockalingam؛ M. Karthic؛ N. Jawahar


Preliminary Analysis of the Cladding Mechanical Behavior of a Nuclear Superheat Boiling Water Reactor

صفحه 39-45
Majid Bahonar؛ Gholamreza Jahanfarnia؛ Morteza Gharib


Vibration Analysis of 2-PR(Pa)U- 2-PR(Pa)R New Parallel Mechanism

صفحه 47-56
Mehran Mahboubkhah؛ Sajjad Pakzad؛ Morteza Homayoun Sadeghi؛ Mir Mohammad Ettefagh


An Experimental Investigation on Comparison of the Similar and Dissimilar Resistance Spot Welding of St12 and Galvanized Steel using Design of Experiments

صفحه 57-67
Mahmoud Moradi؛ Hadi Abdollahi؛ Ali Khorram


Experimental Investigation of Maximum Achievable Convolution Height of Metallic Bellows in Hydroforming Process

صفحه 69-74
Mehdi Safari؛ Younes Ghadiri


Forecasting Operational Parameters of a Solar Space Heating System using a Novel Multistage Artificial Neural Network

صفحه 75-84
Farnaz Jamadi؛ Behnam Jamali


The Aerodynamic Effects of the Blade Lean on a High-Aspect-Ratio Transonic Axial Flow Rotor

صفحه 85-93
Mansour Asghari؛ Mohsen Agha Seyed Mirzabozorg؛ Mahmood Adami


Application of Topology Optimization in Design of Stem Profile in Hip Implants Using Finite Element Method

صفحه 95-101
Mohammad Reza Niroomand؛ Farzad Boroomand


Novel Aspect of Composite Sandwich Fairing Structure Optimization of a Two Stages Launch Vehicle by Using MDO Independent Subspace Approach

صفحه 103-111
Foozie Morovat؛ Jafar Roshanian؛ Ali Mozaffari؛ Hadi Zaare


The Effects of Joint Clearance on the Dynamics of the 3-RPR Planar Parallel Manipulator

صفحه 120-113
Seyyed Mojtaba Varedi-Koulaei؛ Mahdi Bamdad


Experimental Study on Magnetic Abrasive Honing of Inner Surface of Tube AISI304

صفحه 121-129
Hamzeh Shahrajabian؛ Masoud Farahnakian؛ Payam Saraeian


Optimization The High Speed Machining of Hardened AISI 4140 Steel Using Vapor Deposited Cutting Tools (Wear and Roughness)

صفحه 131-139
Mehdi Jalali Azizpour؛ Ata Fardaghaie

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