Effect of Ta Addition on Microstructure and Hot Oxidation Resistance of AlCrCoNiY-xTa High-Entropy Alloy Consolidated by Spark Plasma Sintering

صفحه 1-8
Babaei Rouchi A؛ Salemi Golezani A؛ Hadavi S. M. M


Effect of Heat Treatment on the Intermetallic Compounds and Mechanical Properties of Explosive Weld Interface of three Al 5083, Al 1050 and St 1515 Layers

صفحه 9-19
Bakhtiari H؛ Mokhtariniya F؛ Khanzadeh M. R؛ Farvizi M


An Investigation on the Modeling of Heat Distribution and Atomic Diffusion in the Joining of the AA2024-T4 to AA6061-T6 by TLP Process

صفحه 21-25
Anbarzadeh A؛ Sabet H؛ Geranmayeh A. R


Thermal Analysis and Microstructural Evaluation of Inconel 738LC Superalloy Gas Turbine Blade

صفحه 27-31
Rayatpour M؛ Lalegani Z


Preparation and Characterization of Molybdenum Trioxide Thin Films Grown by Two-Step Method: DC Sputtering and Plasma Oxidation

صفحه 33-37
Nouri Z؛ Hojabri A؛ Hajakbari F


Simulation of Steel Sheets Cold Rolling in Sticky Friction Conditions to Reduction of Scrap and Tools Wear

صفحه 39-45
Arab N


Energy Audit and Cost Saving in an Aluminum Sand Casting Foundry

صفحه 47-51
Mehrabi H. A؛ Usher P


A Review on Biocompatibility Characteristics of Dental Implant’s Titanium Surface Treatment Methods, Focusing on SLA and SLActive Procedures

صفحه 53-61
Mohammadi B؛ Anbarzadeh E

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